The Nature of Qi in the Human Energetic Anatomy

A human being results from the Qi of Heaven and Earth…The union of Heaven and Earth is called human being”

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine-Simple Questions

First Published circa 100 BC

All things on our level of manifestation are representations of Qi

The human is a microcosm of the manifested universe

Yin and Yang are relative

Nothing is entirely Yin or Yang

Yang changes to Yin and vice versa

In order to weaken, it is necessary first to strengthen,

In order to destroy, it is necessary first to promote,

In order to grasp, it is necessary first to give.”

Chap. 36, Tao Te Ching

By Lao Tzu, A Wise Dominant from the 7th Century BC


Yang Qi- Heaven, Protective, Form, Hard, Transform, Rising, Exterior

Yin Qi- Earth, Nutritive, Substance, Soft, Conserve, Descending, Interior

Spiritual development - Shen -Yang - Consciousness /Space

Jing -Yin- Instinct /Time

Pre-natal gate-Navel/umbilicus

Physical Development- Qi from the heaven/Air/Yang

Qi from the earth/Food/Yin

Post Natal Gate- Mouth

Tan Tien- Tanden/Hara in Japanese- Center of Qi in lower abdomen

All Qi mixes and enters Tan Tien

Center of breath and power

The breath circulates Qi through meridians

Body Areas and Qi Pathways

In general, the areas exposed when the body is in a full fetal or “ball” position are Yang surface areas. Those covered are Yin areas. The Qi that circulates through these areas are distinctly different in function.

Qi pathways are a network of channels that connect internal and external, top and bottom, left and right sides of the body. It is via these pathways (and the points on them) that the control and manipulation of Qi in the body can be achieved.

The Distal part of the pathway has the greatest influence on Qi inside the body. (Arms and Legs are distal to the Trunk of the body. The Trunk of the body is proximal to the Arms and Legs)

Body position has an effect on the Qi by using the relative position of distal to proximal parts. This is the principle on which Yoga, Tai Qi, Hojojutsu and other disciplines are based.

Pathways or meridians are divided into 7 Yin/Yang pairs, some named in English after organs of the body. Each of these 14 meridians has a particular sphere of influence on the Qi and affects an area of the body. The pairs are: Lung/Large Intestine, Spleen/Stomach, Heart/Small Intestine, Kidney/Bladder, Pericardium/Triple Burner, Liver/Gall Bladder, Ren /Du.

Although all the pathways can be manipulated, some are of more importance to the Nawashi. Here is a list along with the Physical and Emotional areas influenced by them:

Ren- Abdomen, Genitals, Chest - Love, Nurturing, Creativity.

Liver- Breasts, Genitals, Mid-Back, Shoulders, Neck - Tension, Frustration Pent-up Emotions, Volatile Libido, Passion, Power

Kidney- Genitals, Legs, Lower Back - Fear, Trepidation, Arousal, Creative Power, Will Power

Pericardium- Breasts, Genitals, Arms, Lips - Love, Passion, Higher Sex Ideals

Gall Bladder- Breasts, Genitals, Shoulders, Neck - Decision making, Pent-up Emotions, Irritability

Qi Manipulation via Position, Pathways and Points

Make the bondage fit the bottom, not the bottom fit the bondage”

Master ”K”

Positions that expose Yang areas such as the Ebi and Tanuki Tsuri etc. will conserve Qi and are able to be held for a longer time.

Positions that expose Yin areas such as Gyaku-Ebi and Kotobu Ryo-tekubi, will disperse Qi more rapidly and are more difficult to be held longer. Both of these positions if used properly can be of benefit.

Relaxed muscles conduct Qi, Tensed or contracted ones compress, concentrate and/or move Qi.

Compressed areas shunt or concentrate Qi into open, unobstructed areas.

The more areas, points or pathways used, the more broad the effect. In other words, the more rope, the more general the effect, the less rope the more focused or specific the effect.

Qi in Orgasm-

Kidney Qi is in charge of the arousal stage, engaged in foreplay. It is best cultivated for a long period to build Qi that can be used later.

Liver Qi is responsible first, in its Yin Phase, for the engorgement and accumulation of Qi in the genital area, and second, in its Yang phase, the opening of Qi, the “Flowing over” of the Qi in orgasm.

Heart Qi is concerned with the meaning and connection of the orgasm. The Shen or “Spirit” that lives in the Heart gives meaning to the love, interplay and exchange of Qi during orgasm.

Point Combos-

Thumbs and Big Toes- “The 4 Gates” circulates entire body

Big Toes, Sole of Foot, Inner Lower leg- Opens 3 Leg Yin and Pelvic Qi Facilitates Orgasm

Top of shoulder, Base of Neck, Hips and Crotch- Sedates Qi, Calms Body, releases Tension

Middle Finger, Chest and Big Toe, Crotch- Opens Shen, engages Shen in orgasm, helps expression of emotions