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Intensive: A Day of Hojo

Sunday, May 14, 2017

General Information

  • Org Chart
  • Grid for Sunday

Hojojutsu: Evil, Nasty, Harsh Rope, Modified for the Bedroom with Lord Percival

Time and Location
May 14, 1-4pm
Upstars at My Esensuals, 1370 Portland Rd, Arundel, ME 04046

Hojojutsu is the opposite, in many ways, of the nice, happy rope arts that are taught and practiced by many rope artists. There are ways to make Hojo bedroom/play acceptable for those who don't necessarily want to potentially damage their partners. Hojojutsu is one of the martial art forms, from which the erotic art of tying has its roots. It is the antithesis to all that is gentle, nice, and sweet about rope. This hands-on class will focus on how to get your (willing, consensual) partner into a fairly helpless position. An understanding (and shameless exploitation) of body mechanics is at the root of this class. What is taught here breaks many of the strictures about safe, kind, and comfortable play, so it is very much edge-play.

Lecture/Demo/Some Hands-on
Preferred, pre-negotiated for the Hands-on section
Bring with
Thin (4mm is good, natural fiber is preferred, but paracord works) rope, several 4 meter or 8 meter pieces
Loose clothing in which you can move, to tie and be tied.

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