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Winter Fetish Fair Fleamarket® 26

Friday - Sunday, January 27 - 29, 2006

General Information

  • Org Chart
  • Grid for Saturday
  • Grid for Sunday
  • FAQ
  • What is NELA?
    The New England Leather Alliance, or NELA, is an organization dedicated to making a safe place in the world for all SM/leather/fetish people, through education, advocacy, and charitable giving.

    We are a diversse, pansexual group of adults who share a common interest in leather, SM or similar fetishes and who want to be active in building our community. We are women, men, and transgenered folk; heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual and queer; married, single and poly; young, old, and timeless. NELA is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, and all donations are tax exempt under the appropriate rules and regulations of IRS code.
    What is NLA:I?
    NELA is a regional chapter of the overarching international association now known as the National Leather Association: International (NLA:I). The statement of purpose of NLA:I is, in short, to support the leather community, provide education and public awareness, and fight for the rights of consenting adults to express their sexuality in safe, sane, and consensual manners.

    Among other things, NLA:I provides resources to chapters like ours including educational videos, contact with national speakers, and networking opportunities with activists around the US and Canada.
    When does NELA meet?
    We sponsor different events each month, sometimes in a workshop or class, sometimes an outing or social event. We often bring guest speakers in from around the country; past meeting topcis have included Japanese rope bondage, bullwhip use, and making your own kinky toys. Our events are held in a number of locations in the Boston area, including the Boston Living Center. We strive for safe, community-inclusive venues. We try to be T-accessible, and easy to get to by car, as well. The event calendar is published in the Scarlet Leather, is availabile on our website ( and can be checked at our hotline message number (617) 876-NELA (6352).

    The NELA board of directors meets on the first Wednesday of each month in the greater Boston area. Every other board meeting is open to all NELA associates, for 2004, our open meetings will be held in January, March, May, July, September, and November. If you would like to attend a meeting, please email to RSVP and to receive information on the meeting location and time.
    What does NELA do?
    We produce the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®, the largest leather/fetish event in New England, which happens in December and August and brings together a hundred top vendors and craftspeople from our local area and aroudn the country. Over the last decade, tens of thousands of people have attended the last FFFs to enjoy the unmatched opportunity to shop, attend workshops and meet people.

    We sponsor and organize a Leather Contingent for Boston Pride, whereby we invite other groups of leather folk to march in the annual Pride parade in one loud section.

    . We host other events, including educational workshops, special parties, demo nights, discussion groups and more. We teach a presentation on the difference between SM and abuse to law enforcement, medical professionals, and officers of the court.

    NELA firmly believes in giving back to both its own community and to progressive allies. Our charitable fund supports the efforts of groups like the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, GLAD (Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders), the Boston Living Center (a community center for people with HIV and AIDS), The Network/La Red, the ACLU, many local Leather oriented groups, as well as individuals in our community fighting for the legal right to express their sexuality. Over the past six years we have given over $50,000 in charitable donations. We continue our efforts to educate the public and to fight for laws that protect our rights to love in the manner that we choose as consenting adults.
    How do I contact NELA?
    Send mail to:
    PO Box 35728
    Brighton, MA 02135-0075

    Call our hotline: 617-876-NELA (6352)

    Email us at:

    Check our website:
  • Program Book

Venue Information

Hotel Information: Holiday Inn, Mansfield, MA



  • Map of the Vendor
  • Vendor List
  • For more in-depth information see the Program Book link above.
    • Abstract Photography D2
    • Achella Room 118
    • Adult Novelty World, LLC Room 112
    • Art by Pencildragon Z2
    • BASSN (Boston Area Sexuality & Spirituality Network) E5
    • Bay State Marauders E6
    • Big Head Studio B5
    • Bisexual Resource Center E9
    • Black Rose Leather Room 140
    • Boston Phoenix Erosphere D2
    • Brute Force Leather D6
    • Bulls Creations B1
    • Butt Boy Music B10
    • Canes4Pain B4
    • Chainmail by Alyx B2
    • Charity Bootblacks E2
    • Circlet Press Room 122
    • Cload & Dagger Creations Room 108
    • The Corsetiere of Dragontown Room 194
    • Coyote Whips A4
    • CUFSmaine/CUFSnorth E8
    • Delicious Corsets Room 182
    • DeTails Toys A12
    • Disruptive Publishing/Olympia Press Z7
    • Dominance Loving Leather A6
    • The Dragon's Designs B3
    • The Dragon's Lair Room 114
    • Dungeonware Co. A8
    • Enforcers E6
    • Entre Nous E6
    • Fairie Tailor Z9
    • Falcons Floggers Z10
    • For Your Nymphomation Z11
    • Glamor Boutique D4
    • Goddesses at Play Z13
    • D7
    • Graven Images Room 120
    • Happy Tails B9
    • HarborMasters of Maine E6
    • Imperial Court of MA E3
    • C2
    • J&J Leather D3
    • Jer's Canes C9
    • The Lady and the Leopard Room 132-134
    • Leather Archives & Museum (art suite)
    • Leather by Danny A13
    • The Leather Harvest Room 160
    • Locked In Steel Z5
    • M. Middleton Z1
    • The Marquessa Story A3
    • Marvelous Mayhem C7
    • The Mercantile C1
    • Mercy Floggers Z6
    • Midnight Blue's/The Latex Store C4
    • MIKO Room 116
    • MOB New England E1
    • MT Leather Room 110
    • Nancy's Basement Room 192
    • NCSF E4
    • NEDS E11
    • Needle Play Designs Room 106
    • njoy Z14
    • Passional A1
    • Pendragon Chainmail Z15
    • Perverse Gifts Room 142
    • Pig Daddy Productions A5
    • Pin-up Revolution Z0
    • Podgasmic/ Z8
    • Potted Fox Studios B8
    • Princess Kali C8
    • PureTNT BDSM Jewelry Z3
    • Purple Passion/DV8 Room 104
    • Rachel's Pleasures (Global 42) D1
    • Radiance Bound A10
    • A11
    • Realm's Finest Room 120
    • Rick Savage Videos B7
    • RIG (Ravishment Interest Group) E7
    • Rubber Masters C5
    • The Shoe Guy C6
    • Silent Vampire's Secret Crypt Room 138
    • Slave to Lust Room 114
    • Staitionhouse Leather and Gear Room 184
    • Sunspot Designs B6
    • Tandy Leather A9
    • TantrAmore Products A2
    • Temptatia C3
    • TESFest E13
    • The Network/La Red E10
    • The Tiffany Club E12
    • Toolworks Chicago Room 188
    • Torvea, LLC A7
    • Toys of Eros & Wild Hearts D5
    • Transitions Z12
    • Utilikilts Company C10
    • The Wallet Factory Z11
    • the Water Hole Custom Leather Room 136
    • Xcentricities Room 178
    • Zeiler Netsuke Z4

    A welcome letter from the Con Chair:

    All Hail the mighty volunteers ...

    The New England Leather Alliance would like to extend its most heartfelt thanks to all of the volunteers. Without the hundreds (if not thousands) of dedicated hours, the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® would not happen. Thank you!


    A welcome letter from the Organization:

    Happy New Year!

    Welcome everyone, to the New England Leather Alliance's 26<th Fetish Fair Fleamarket®. This is our first time in the lovely town of Mainsfield, the setting fery reminiscent of our days in Andover. Interestingly enough, we are not too far from the site of the now famous Paddleboro incident. Do y'all remember that? Almost five years ago an arrest for a consensual spanking with a wooden paddle!

    This week, I had a wonderful conversation with a Mansfield Lieutenant about our event. He did not want there to be any trouble, and his people will not look for any. Both hotel and law enforcement are happy to have us, assuming our attendees obey the law and enjoy themselves. "Oh, we will." I promised. If only it could be that easy ... for every group every time and everywhere.

    So come in, be part of the magic. Browse, shop, revel in the atmosphere, learn something new, see an old friend, relax, and ENJOY!

    The FFF would not happen without the incredible work and commitment of the NELA Board. All are outstanding individuals, and NELA is lucky to have them (in no particular order): Cecilia Tan - FFF Director and Programming Director. Danny - Board Memeber At Large, Sabrina Santiago - Director of External Relations, Rae - Director of Community Relations, JB - Secretary and Nikita and Emily our fabulous co-Production Directors. A special thanks to Tim S., who has agreed to handle our Associate-ships and be the Volunteer Coordinator for this event.

    Bottom line though is that none of this would be possible without the letter V: Volunteers, Volunteers, Volunteers. If you see one around, in those nice orange vests, please give them a smile and a "thank you" for their donation of time, energy, and good will.

    When we are not busy running the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®, NELA is hard at work on other projects and tasks: monthly programming, supporting other leather groups, organizing discussion groups, and giving presentations to other organizations on safe S/m sex. Check out we look forward to seeing you throughout the year.

    Chair, NELA

    P.S. Please consider joining NELA, the bigger we are, the louder our collective voice becomes. Make a taxt deductible donation. NELA is a 501(c)3 charitable organization and does not keep "membership lists." All personal information is strictly confidential; it will not and cannot be revealed or sharew with any other organization or agency.

    Another message from Vivienne

    I would like to applaud each of you for coming this weekend. By taking this seemingly fun and simple step, attending the Fetish Fair Fleamarket®, you make the choice to stand up and be counted in the fight towards sexual freedom.

    "But I don't want to stand up and be counted. I am not an activist. I just want to learn and play."

    I know. And I applaud you BECAUSE you want to learn and play. Unfortunately in this climate, just coming here is considered an act of radical politics. In the mids of the extremists who oppose our right to act as sonsensual adults, we are ALL perverts who do not deserve the right to assemble freely, without risk of persecution and shame.

    Regardless of your personal beliefs, interests, and energies, be they playing in private, forming a political action committee, or educating law enforcement officers on the difference between SM and abuse, we must all be willing to support each other in our efforts, be them political, or personal.

    No matter what role you "play" (literally or figuratively), you need to control your own sexual freedom. Otherwise, make no mistake; others will control it for you.

    Vivienne Kramer
    Chair, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom


    The New England Leather Alliance would like you to be aware of the following Rules of Conduct for the FFF:

    Violation of any of these rules may be reason for ejection from event areas without refund.

    Anyone breaking Massachusets' law or disrupting the event will be asked to leave the premises.

    General Rules

    1. No Smoking Inside. When smoking outside, please be courteous to others.
    2. No Nudity. It's against the law!
    3. No phototraphic or recording devices of any kind. Film will be confiscated and you will be asked to leave. Authorized photographers will be displaying badges.
    4. You may briefly try out paddles, floggers on yourself only if you have permission from the vendor There will be no engaging of public scenes or public sex. Restrooms are considered public areas.
    5. No food or driks in the vending area.

    About Photograpy at the Flea...

    Please note that there will be authorized photographers present at this event. You should be aware of them if you do not want to appear in any picture. All authorized photographers will have a badge that they will display at all times. Please notify Flea personnel if you see any unauthorized people taking photographs. Camera phones and video phones are prohibitied. Unauthorized people with photographic or recording devices of any kind will be aksed to leave, and the devices will be confiscated. If any authorized photographer asks you to pose for a photo and you agree, be sure to sign a photo release form. NELA will try to prevent all unauthorized photography and recordings, but remeember that you are at a public event and you are your own best protection. NELA will not be liable in the event that your picture is taken.

    Transgender Etiquette

    There are many Transgender people (Transgender, Transexual, Gender Queer, Cross dresser, Gender Variant and more) that attend the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® and/or Masquerade Ball.

    People who are transgender and/or whose gender identity or expression does not conform to stereotypes of male or female often face discrimination and harassment, particularly when accessing public spaces, events, and restrooms. To be inclusive and improve the quality of life for Transgender people here, please read and act upon the following:

    One way of acknowledging Transgender people’s needs is to both designate restrooms that are gender-neutral and also to allow people to use the genderdesignated restroom that they identify with. In public restrooms, many Transgender people face harassment that can lead to anything from deep discomfort to arrest or murder. Regardless of what restroom you are in, please let everyone use the restroom in peace. Each of us can decide for ourselves in which restroom we belong.

    A person’s external appearance may not match their internal gender identity. You cannot always know the gender or sex of someone by their physical body, voice, appearance or mannerisms. It is best to ask, “What pronoun do you prefer?” or “How do you identify?” before using pronouns or gendered words. In group situations where you don’t have an opportunity to ask someone what words they prefer, try using gender-neutral phrases like “the person in the red shirt,” instead of “that woman or man.”

    Privacy and respect for all participants
    Please respect transgender people’s privacy and boundaries and do not ask unnecessary questions. If someone discloses they are transgender please do not “out” that person to other people. The transgender person may feel comfortable coming out to you, but may not wish to be out to other people.

    Not all who attend the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® are out about their interest in SM. Please respect people’s privacy and do not out people you may meet or see here at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® and/or Masquerade Ball.

    This was adapted from The Taskforce - 2002 Portland Creating Change TM Host Committee Guidelines

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