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Winter Fetish Fair Fleamarket® 32

Friday - Sunday, February 13 - 15, 2009

General Information



  • Vendor List
  • A Just Did Jimmy
    one of a kind handmade whips and
    paddles and beautiful fun stuff
    Providence Ballroom
    Discount for anyone with a frog tattoo

    Achella (see Torvea)see Torvea
    Bristol/Kent Room

    Adult Novelty Company, Inc.
    online adult novelty store
    Room 406

    Alternative Sites (4-Erotica
    glass dildos, remote control toys, anal tails
    Room 404

    Art by Pencildragon
    fetish art and illustration, prints, cards,
    photo sessions
    3rd Floor Lobby

    Athena’s by Erica
    (508) 566-1314
    Waterplace Room

    Bex Jewelry
    beautiful jewelry to adorn yourself or reward
    Bristol/Kent Room

    Big Head Studio
    new & vintage violet wands, TENS units, liquid
    South County Room

    Big Moves
    Size-positive dance troupe. Performing at the
    1st Floor Lobby

    Brute Force Studios
    corsets, steampunk accessories, and leather
    Rm 102

    Bunswitcher’s Benches/Eva’s Evil
    deluxe spanking benches and furniture
    South County Room

    CCAP Family Health
    Free rapid HIV tests, Hepatitis vaccine, blood
    pressure screens, ask-a-doc
    1st Floor Lobby

    Chained Desires
    clothing, restraints, floggers, adult toys
    Room 335

    Choice Nightclub
    Premiere private adult lifestyle club. 401-
    Waterplace Room

    Circlet Press
    publishers of erotic science fiction, selling
    BDSM books of all kinds
    Room 336

    Cloak & Dagger Creation
    we make what you desire, custom
    outerwear and more, cloaks & garb
    Room 333

    Coyote Whips
    afforable nylon whips
    3rd Floor Lobby

    Delicious Boutique & Corseterie,
    custom made corsets
    Room 416

    DeTails Toys
    floggers, whips, collars, vampire gloves, etc.
    Newport/Washington Room

    handcrafted jewelry, everday collars
    Newport/Washington Room

    Dominance Loving Leather
    evil sticks and quality leather goods
    Bristol/Kent Room

    Dr. Clockworks Electrical Oddities
    Custom violet wand kits and accessories,
    medical toys and oddities
    Room 405

    Dragon’s Design
    rubber clothing/alternative artwear
    South County Room

    dragontails, floggers, cuffs, restraints, collars,
    canes, paddles
    Room 413

    Dungeonware Co.
    bondage & discipline clothing and equipment

    Eva’s Evil Implements(see Bunswitcher’s
    South County Room

    F.I.B. Erotica for Everyone
    home party & web sales, toys, GLBT, kink
    Room 410

    Fairie Tailor
    ponne velvet capes, plain and painted
    South County Room

    Fantasia Clothing
    period and fantasy clothing, corsets,
    purses, scarves, kilts, etc.

    Fashion Show Participants
    3rd Floor Lobby

    Fem Dom Circle
    Fem dom group
    1st Floor Lobby

    Fetish Designs Ltd.
    Custom made BDSM furniture & devices,
    original photo art and DVDs
    Bristol/Kent Room

    First Aid Station
    3rd Floor Lobby

    Floating World
    BDSM convention August 21-23, 2009 in
    Edison, NJ.1st Floor Lobby

    Flogger Faerie
    variety of unique and fun items at
    reasonable prices
    3rd Floor Lobby

    Glamour Boutique
    retail store, discounted steel-boned corsets, TG
    products, fetish shoes
    Providence Balloom
    men’s & women’s vinyl, leather & adult
    costumes. More vinyl!
    South County Room

    Kink Academy, The
    Kink-positive sex education products & services
    Providence Ballroom

    Kinky by Sweet Lollipop Shop
    portable St. Andrews Cross, naughty candy,
    keychains, soaps & cards
    Providence Ballroom

    Kinky Ropes
    Center-marked bondage ropes and knot-based
    Providence Ballroom

    Larry & leenie’s Lusty Leather
    handmade leather goods & garb
    Providence Ballroom

    Latex Store, The (Midnight Blues)
    Latex fashions for men and women
    Newport/Washington Room

    Leather by Danny
    fine leather restraints and innovative toys
    Waterplace Room

    Leather Creations
    A wide variety of BDSM gear &
    Waterplace Room

    swivel-style floggers & dragon tails
    Room 408

    Locked In Steel
    custom made stainless steel collars, cuffs,
    chastity belts, rings, and accessories
    Room 412

    Marvelous Mayhem
    Mens & womens S-3X corsets, vests,
    shirts, skirts, and custom
    Waterplace Room

    Master Andre
    handmade whips and floggers of
    kangaroo, domestic leather, cord with
    Room 407

    retail store in Amherst, MA
    belly-dance gear, books, eclectic
    Room 337

    Mercy Floggers
    Handmade floggers & dragontails, floggers for
    the disabled, home for the closer & slayer for
    all needs

    MOB New England
    Social and play events and educational demos
    for women and transfolk (21+)
    1st Floor Lobby

    Mr. Boston Leather
    information, literature, tag sale
    1st Floor Lobby

    MT Leather
    poly-handled floggers, leather slings, leather
    roses, whips
    Newport/Washington Room

    My Lady’s Toys
    fetishwear, BDSM gear, toys, books, and much
    much more
    Waterplace Room

    Nancy’s Basement
    spanking toys, paddles, mousepads, aprons,
    spanking bolsters, buttons, bookmarks
    Room 335
    national advocacy group for freedom of sexual
    1st Floor Lobby

    ocial and educational organization
    1st Floor Lobby

    Network/La Red
    Support and free info about GLBT
    domestic violence and the difference
    between SM and abuse
    1st Floor Lobby

    New England Couples Encounters
    The hottest meet & greet swinger’s party!
    American Legion Hall, 662 West Shore Rd.
    Warwick 401-632-9646
    Waterplace Room

    deluxe stainless steel instruments of
    South County Room

    corsets, kilts, costumes, toys
    Waterplace Room

    Phaze Books
    trade paperback erotic romance novels,
    erotica novels, and erotica anthologies
    Newport/Washington Room

    Power Exchange by Nina
    alternative clothing for men & women
    Room 409

    Purple Passion/DV8
    latex, leather fashions, PVC, corsets & toys
    Providence Ballroom

    RainbowRope & Kinky Medical
    bondage rope, medical paraphernalia

    Rapture Floggers
    Fabulous floggers in a wide range of leathers
    and colors. On Sale too!
    Room 411

    Reyen Design Studios
    hand-dyed and felted silk garments, body
    Room 414

    Robert Quill Artist for Hire
    Prints of my artwork and
    custom illustration and portraiture
    3rd Floor Lobby

    Rubber Masters
    rubber whips, rubber floggers, gags, blindfolds,
    suspenders, kilts, etc
    Bristol/Kent Room

    Rubio Leather
    leather uniforms, pants, chaps, shirts, harnesses
    Bristol/Kent Room

    Scarlet Bliss
    designer and manufacturer of quality latex and
    leather wear
    Waterplace Room

    SD Leather & Lace
    bear claw gloves, dual floggers, handmade
    leather and wood toys
    Providence Ballroom

    S. M. Hertz
    exceptional leather corsets, fetishwear,
    bondage garments and premium floggers
    South County Room

    Shoe Guy
    the largest selection of shoes & boots at
    great prices
    Waterplace Room

    Silent Vampire’s Secret Crypt
    high quality BDSM toys & devices at
    affordable prices, jewelry & vintage hats
    Newport/Washington Room

    Stationhouse Leather & Gear
    fetish & BDSMgear, military, police,
    Providence Ballroom

    Sunspot Designs
    Gothic, fantasy, medieval, and offbeat
    adornments for mortals and others
    South County Room

    Tammy’s Toy Box
    Role play costumes, jewelry, adult toys,
    lingerie, lubes, body jewelry.
    Bristol/Kent Room

    Tandy Leather
    Leather, tools, hardware, & equipment to
    make your own gear.
    Bristol/Kent Room
    Room 415

    Torvea - Achella
    Teachers Pet
    bear claws and bondage and schoolgirls, oh
    Newport/Washington Room

    Teddy’s Shoes & Hi Heel Heaven,
    high heels, large width shoes
    Waterplace Room

    The Society
    pansexual BDSM social and educational
    group (21+)
    1st Floor Lobby

    Thorne Brook Designs
    erotic jewelry, handcrafted of gemstones
    and sterling silver, for women and men
    Providence Ballroom

    Tickle New England
    an on-line, real-time and really-fun tickle
    community! at
    1st Floor Lobby

    young social kink club for Boston
    1st Floor Lobby

    Toolworks Chicago
    Polished metal floggers, paddles, canes,
    dildoes, plugs, clamps
    fine toys, collars, cuffs, floggers, ball gags
    Bristol/Kent Room

    Touch of Fur
    fur whips, paddles, fur handcuffs, etc.
    Newport/Washington Room

    Two Gypsies Face & Body Art
    Body painting & designs for face & other
    exposed skin. All by hand, all hypoallergenic
    skin safe materials.
    3rd Floor Lobby

    Victorian Jewelers
    Fine quality jewelry
    Room 332

    Visions Tattoo, Piercing, & Art
    professional tattooing and piercing, high quality
    jewelry and art gallery
    Providence Ballroom

    Whipspider Rubberworks
    Hand-made silicone adult toys with unique,
    artistic designs.
    Providence Ballroom

    Wolf Princess
    custom strap-on harnesses, accessories for
    furries & littles
    South County Room


    A welcome letter from the Organization:

    Greetings all,

    Welcome to the Fetish Fair Fleamarket® #32. We are happy to be again in the wonderful city of Providence in the great state of Rhode Island. Over the past several months I have been going to monthly meetings at an HIV testing facility in Boston’s South End. The point of the meetings is to come up with a community based action plan for combating new infections.

    Recently, we have seen a dramatic increase in new HIV cases. There were an estimated 56,300 new HIV infections in the United States in 2006- a 40% increase from previous estimates. Male-to-male sex and injection drug use continue to represent the leading reported exposure risks for HIV infection in Massachusetts, accounting for 34% and 25% of all exposures, respectively. According to the 2000 U.S. census, Blacks make up approximately 13% of the total population. In 2005, blacks accounted for 49% of new HIV diagnoses in this country. While only 6% of the population of Massachusetts is black, over 28% of people living with HIV/AIDS in the state are black. Women now account for more than 25% of all new HIV diagnoses in the United States. 83% of women recently diagnosed with HIV in Massachusetts are women of color. Though Hispanic people make up only 6% of Massachusetts’ total population, they represent 25% of people living with HIV/AIDS in the state. In 2006, rates of infection among Latino women and men were three times of that found among whites. In 2004, youth ages 13-24 represented 13% of new HIV/AIDS diagnoses in the United States. It’s amazing after almost 30 years since AIDS/HIV have been discovered that we would have this many new cases of infection.

    Very often when we think of the terms we use in the BDSM/Leather community of Safe, Sane, and Consensual, we look at it from a stand point of preventing abuse. We must also keep in mind how that also applies to HIV/STD infections. This disease knows no boundary of age, race, sexual orientation, or gender. If you are a sexually active person, please get tested on a regular basis.

    My friend John Pendal signs off all his writings: Have fun, look after yourselves and the people you play with. His statement rings even truer in light of the recent serge of new infections. The heath of our community depends on it.

    Enjoy the Flea,
    Outgoing Co-Chair,
    Incoming Director of Community Relations

    Data courtesy of Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Center for Disease Control (CDC), and compiled by James Murphy of Cambridge Cares About AIDS.

    It is a great pleasure to greet and welcome you to the 32 nd Fetish Fair FleamarketTM and to Providence, RI. I feel like we are at the beginning of a brave new world, swept clean by our new President. I think we are all feeling the pinch of an economy that continues to unravel, yet we are hopeful that in the months and years ahead we will see significant and positive changes. One way forward will surely be through volunteerism and a simple notion of togetherness and shared responsibility as put forward by our new Administration.

    Volunteer involvement can take many forms. The cost is time, but the rewards can extend far beyond your own personal benefit. Without a doubt participating in events like the FFFTM and Pride are important activities, yet, active involvement in the running of an organization is also key. NELA certainly could not continue with the FFFTM and all that we do without a dedicated and hard working board and the amazing volunteers that put in hundreds of hours of service each year. Please consider joining us.

    NELA continues to be a benefit to our community as it grows stronger, and we are ever serious about our shared responsibility and individual efforts towards education, advocacy and charitable giving. This past year, we managed to offer an education program through creative negotiations and solutions. We managed to be out and about for several Pride parades and festivals throughout New England, as well as taking part in a few national events. Though less well-funded than in years past, we also managed to make charitable donations to several worthy causes and partnerships.

    As we move forward, I am hopeful that as our community grows more diverse and more mainstream, we become more accepting of the differences that make us unique, as unique as the front cover of this publication. To quote NH Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, an outspoken, international gay rights leader, “It’s important for any minority to see themselves represented in some way, whether it be a racial minority, an ethnic minority or, in our case, a sexual minority. Just seeing someone like you up front matters.” As we go through this weekend, we should pay attention to the people around us. We are of every color, shape, creed, size, gender, and sexual orientation as well as kinky and non-kinky; we need to remember to respect people’s privacy and boundaries and to appreciate and celebrate our differences.

    So, come join us in having a great time at the largest fetish event in New England. Check out the vendors and shop, attend a class and learn a new skill, renew old friendships and form new ones.

    Have a most excellent weekend, and remember to thank each and every volunteer you meet. We could not do this without them.

    Chair, NELA

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