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Winter Fetish Fair Fleamarket® 36

Friday - Sunday, February 11 - 13, 2011

General Information

  • Org Chart
  • Grid for Friday
  • Grid for Saturday
  • Grid for Sunday
  • Program Book


Click for the Map
  • Vendor List
  • We have 95 Vendors and 14 Community Tables for your enjoyment

  • Vendors
  • 4 Erotica Stores - 406
    Aliks Cosplay - 515
    Andre Whips/Master Andre - NW
    Ask Alex - BK
    Athena's by Kayte - 503
    Bear Claws and Bed Bondage - NW
    Behind the Masks - 3H
    Big Head Studio - P
    Bones and Flowers/True-Craft - NW
    Bootblack Services - 2nd Flr
    Broken Brains - P
    Brute Force Studios - 338
    Bunswitcher's Benches - BK
    Circlet Press - 336
    Cloak & Dagger Creations - 335
    Corsets by Carmen - 412
    Creative Dungeon Design - 511
    D. L. King Erotica - 333
    Delicious Boutique & Corseterie - 514
    Details Toys - NW
    Dilligaff Designs - BK
    Dominance Loving Leather - 510
    Dragontown Corsets - 332
    EF Leathercraft - 409
    Elegant Collars - NW
    Eva’s Evil Implements - BK
    Fantasia - 337
    Fashion Show Participants - 3H
    For Your Nymphomation - BK - 513
    Glamour Boutique - P
    Global 42/Rachel’s Pleasures - P
    Haka LLC - W
    Hoodwinked - 3H
    Inciting Defiance - NW
    Kink Academy - 506
    Kinky Ropes - 516
    Latex Nemesis - P
    L.C. Misfit - W
    Le Chateau Exotique - W
    Leather by Danny - W
    Leather Creations - W
    Locked In Steel - P
    Lust Beads - BK
    Lusty Leather - 401
    Marvelous Mayhem - W
    Mercy Floggers - NW
    Miles Tonne Inc - 509
    Misc Etc - P
    My Lady's Toys - 402
    Nancy's Basement - 334
    Native American Exotics - 414
    Needle Play Design - W
    njoy - P
    NotNilla Designs - NW
    o whips - 417
    Passional - W
    Pendragon Chainmail - W
    Pirate's Booty Boutique, LLC - BK
    Presentors and Authors - 3H
    Prysm Creations - 505
    Purple Passion - P
    Rainbow Rope - W
    ReMarkable Blackbird - BK
    Reyen Design Studios - 411
    Robert Quill - 3H
    Rope Extremes - P
    Rubio Leather Inc. - BK
    S.M. Hertz Co. - P
    Scene Candles by Sire Blue - 404
    Secret Self Photography - 507
    Seek Books - 408
    Sherry's Pleasures and Treasures - 407
    Smutworks & Nox Silverwerks - BK
    StationHouse Leathers and Gear - P
    Sunspot Designs - NW
    Symbolic Treasures - P
    Tandy Leather Factory, Inc, - P
    The Dragon's Design - NW
    The Kink Shop - 405
    The Lady and The Leopard - 416/415
    The Latex Store - W
    The Phoenix Adult - 3H
    The Shoe Guy - W/504
    Tidbits Trinkets - BK
    Toolworks Chicago - 410
    Torvea/Achella - P
    TotemX Creations - NW
    Violet Wand Store - BK
    Vixen Leather - 508
    Whipspider Rubberworks - NW
    Yellows Creations - 512
  • Community Tables
  • Bay State Marauders - M
    Bound In Boston - M
    BTNG - M
    Fem dom circle - M
    Kaleidoscope Munch (NELA-SIG) - M
    MaST MASS - M
    Mob New England - M
    NCSF - M
    New England Dungeon Society - M
    New England Hypnosis Group - M
    Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc. - M
    The Floating World - M
    The Society - M
    Transcending Boundaries - M

    A welcome letter from the Con Chair:

    Hello Beloved Kinksters!!

    Welcome to the 36th Fetish Fair Fleamarket® - we’re thrilled you could join us. The Board and volunteers have worked VERY hard to ensure you have a truly terrific time. This year you will have over 100 vendors and almost 60 classes at your fingertips!

    We sincerely want you to have a fun-filled, SAFE weekend. Please respect the hotel as your home and play responsibly. Our event has never allowed nudity and we ask that in public areas, especially the lobby, you exercise good taste. Please be mindful of accessibility and aware that not everyone has the same abilities. Respect the rules of consensuality. If at any time you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, please seek out a NELA officer or, after hours, a member of the hotel staff.

    This weekend is full of activities, including the return of Cameryn Moore to debut her latest production, slut (r)evolution, Friday night in the Blackstone Room (3rd floor). The incredibly popular Young Designer’s Fashion Show and Dance Party is also back with new artists and new designs (1st floor). Check out Vendor’s Row (3rd, 4th AND the NEWLY added 5th floor) as some may already be open on Friday. There are a few last minute programming changes so review the class list and signage on each floor for the most up-to-date information.

    Hotel guests may purchase admission wristbands Friday between 5pm and 8pm in the lobby. Card-carrying NELA Associates can start shopping at 10:30am Saturday and Sunday, a half hour before the general public. Not a NELA Associate yet? On Saturday you will be able to sign up for a NELA Associate Benefi ts Card (ABC) which entitles you to free or reduced-price admission to NELA events throughout New England. NELA’s educational programming continues year round with classes and seminars; our charitable giving aids dozens of kink and kink friendly organizations; and our advocacy will one day truly make the world a safer place for those of us to express our sexuality.

    Thanks for coming and being a part of the longest running, largest (and most affordable!) leather/fetish/SM event in New England!

    Vivienne Kramer
    FFF Director


    A welcome letter from the Organization:

    Fellow Kinksters:

    Happy New Year and welcome to our 36th Fetish Fair Fleamarket®. Thank you for making ours the largest fetish event in New England. If you’re staying in the Westin, our host hotel, I offer a special thank you to you. Your decision to stay at the Westin directly impacts our ability to continue producing the Flea as well as our day to day operations. In brief, in order to hold a full-immersion conference where you can be yourself, dress how you’d like, and be playful with all your kink friends we contract with the hotel for all the rooms. When we fall short of booking 100% of those rooms, the penalty for loss of revenue to the hotel can be substantial and leaves little if any for operating costs; programming and education; charitable donations to causes and organizations; and puts holding future FFFs in jeopardy.

    Recent conversations online and elsewhere continue to demonstrate a need for local alternative lifestyle space for education, offi ce and storage, and play. NELA firmly supports changing the laws and the social and political climate to make the latter possible. We are a coalition partner with NCSF and continue to support its and all other efforts to change the laws and social and political climate regarding consensual SM. It may take a generation to accomplish a legal play space (this is New England after all) but a community space for education, offi ces, and meetings may be possible in the near future.

    As we look towards that future, NELA has already begun the process leading to a community center -- a permanent home for NELA and other alternative organizations. We are at the earliest stage and realize that this is very much a long term goal that may take several years to accomplish and won’t come to fruition without you. Later this year we’ll begin our capital campaign and will be asking for your support. We have much to look forward to and it’s very exciting.

    We’re growing and getting better with each successive event and doing our part to change the landscape concerning consensual SM. I hope you have an extraordinary weekend. We believe we’ve put together an amazing event for your education and enjoyment. Support our vendors, take a class or two, attend a social event, greet known friends and make new ones but above all have fun and we look forward to seeing you at NELA’s next event.

    Rae Lewis
    Board Chairperson



    The New England Leather Alliance would like you to be aware of the following Rules of Conduct for the FFF:

    Violation of any of these rules may be reason for ejection from event areas without refund.

    General Rules

    • Playing/scenes or any sexual activity in public is prohibited. Restrooms are considered public areas. Exposure of any bodily fluids or effluence, whether through sexual contact, piercing/cutting, soiled diaper changing, or other forms of play, is prohibited in all public areas.
    • You may briefly try out items for sale on yourself if you have permission from the vendor, provided you do not violate the previous rule.
    • Smoking is prohibited inside the hotel or event facilities. When smoking outside, please be courteous to others.
    • Food/drink is prohibited in vending areas.
    • Admission price is good for entry to all vending areas and classes for the day(s) that you purchased.
    • You must keep your wristband on at all times. Broken wristbands are void and cannot be used for entry.
    • Classes are first-come, first-serve to the limit of the room. Do Not enter a room that has a sign posted that it is full.
    • This is an 18+ event. All minors will be refused entry, including infants.
    • Live animals and non-human pets are prohibited, with the exception of service animals.
    • Please respect the privacy of others. What you see here, stays here.

    Dress Code

    The Fetish Fair Fleamarket® does not allow nudity. We have always stressed courtesy and appropriate dress in public areas. "Sidewalk Friendly" attire is required, which is not the same as "street legal." "Legal" means a thong and pasties - we have always required a bit more to insure the comfort of all attendees. In all public areas, no bare butt cheeks, and no bare breasts or breasts covered only in Liquid Latex, this includes having your breast/butt covered by something sheer or see-through and nothing else under it.

    FFF Private Event and Party Policy

    • Private events (any event, party or other activity not specifically sanctioned by NELA or the FFF) shall be kept inside the guest rooms with doors leading to the hall kept closed, and shall not impede/ block any hallway, fire escape or flow of foot traffic.
    • Locations of private events within the host or overflow hotel may not be publicly advertised by any means. This includes online, at tables of vendors/organizations or elsewhere on hotel property.
    • Please invite people to your event by direct invitation only. Violation of this policy may be reason for terminating the party or ejection from event areas without refund.


    No Pictures
    Attendees and Vendors are prohibited from taking pictures or video in any public area of the venue. Public areas are "Any area in the hotel that is not a private hotel room".

    The FFF respects your privacy. However, recall that you are at a public event and you are your own best protection. FFF Productions, NELA, our host hotels, and our partner sponsoring groups and producers will not be liable in the event that your picture is taken.

    Please note that there will be some authorized photographers present at this event. You should be aware of them if you do not want to appear in any picture. All authorized photographers will have a badge that they will display at all times, and they are instructed to obtain your explicit permission before taking any photograph (even if your face is obscured). These are the only photographers allowed.

    Camera phones and video phones are everywhere but we’re asking you not to use them or any other camera in public space. Reports of your unauthorized photography or recording of any kind will result in your being removed from the event without refund.

    It is proper procedure for authorized photographers to ask first before taking a photo. Harassing attendees for photos is forbidden. If someone pressures you for a photo, or takes an unauthorized photo “on the sly” please report it to us immediately. If you think you have been photographed without your consent, you have the right to demand the film from the photographer or to check their digital files and delete the ones you are in.

    If a photographer asks you to pose for a photo and you agree, be sure to sign a photo release form.

    Attendees entering into agreements to be photographed privately are strongly encouraged to check the references of the person they are dealing with, to have someone they know and trust with them during any private photo shoot, and to resolve all issues of compensation and the rights to the images before beginning a private photo shoot.


    Members of the media are welcome at our event, but we ask that you obtain a press pass from us and that you follow certain rules as pertain to our attendees privacy and comfort.

    The Fetish Fair Fleamarket has been making headlines since 1992. Among the newspapers and periodicals that have featured us: Houston Press, Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Tip Out Magazine, Boston Phoenix, Stuff @ Night, Creative Loafing, The Improper Bostonian, The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, and Bay Windows. Almost every newspaper in the northeast carried an Associated Press Wire story about the event in 2000. Event creator and director Cecilia Tan has spoken about the fleamarket with WEEI radio’s Dennis and Callahan, on WFXT TV, and WFNX radio, among others.

    To get on the press list/guest list for an upcoming event, Contact Us to make your request. Include what publication or media organization you represent, and we will follow up by email. We can discuss if you have any needs. We can help you find interview subjects, explain jargon, and much more.

    When you arrive, check in at our main desk to get a press/photo pass (which you must wear) and sign a release of liability. You can also pick up the class schedule and other important information there.

    Media Rules

    • No Video Cameras in Public Space - Because of privacy concerns, no video cameras are allowed in event areas. We have had videographers on site in private rooms before, taping interview subjects in private. You may make these kinds of arrangements with us in advance.
    • Signed Releases Are Required - You must provide your own release forms to your models.
    • You must display your media badge at all times.
    • Still-photography is allowed only of individuals who have consented to being photographed and who have signed a release. No crowd shots, no bystanders in the shot. If anyone thinks you took their picture (even if their face was not in it) without their consent, the image must be deleted or destroyed.
    • No Blocking Traffic or Interference - Photographers, please be considerate when stopping to take photos in hallways where you might be blocking the flow of traffic or in vendor booths where you may be interfering with people’s business.

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