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Kink Between The Lines #1

Saturday - Sunday, July 17 - 18, 2021

General Information



Kink Between The Lines would like you to be aware of the following Rules of Conduct for the event:

All rules are non-negotiable. Violation of these rules and other policies may be reason for ejection or other disciplinary action (without a refund where applicable).

If you have any questions about any of the policies, you may use the Contact Form on the website, or email You may also use the specific conference email for each event as desired.

General Rules

  • All participants will be required to verify their age in order to gain access to the group’s discord, social, and class spaces.
  • All attendees must be registered for all events. Sharing screens with non-attendees is strictly forbidden. Sharing Zoom or social links with people who are not registered is strictly forbidden.
  • All events are virtual and require all participants to be wearing appropriate clothing while on video. Nudity is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  • Respect all participants including volunteers and presenters; assume best intentions, correct information where possible (ie pronouns, racism, etc). Avoid unwelcome, rude, or inappropriate comments to other attendees. When in doubt, ask.
  • Only use the preferred pronoun of each person as they have indicated. Some people’s pronouns change based on the situation; respect each person by using their preferred pronoun for each situation. In situations where a person’s pronoun is unknown, use the plural, “they/them/theirs” until you know what pronoun is preferred, and then switch to that.
  • A history of complaints or having been removed from other events does not automatically mean that participants are unwelcome at Think Between the Lines events. If you have been removed, asked to leave or not come back from another event(s), please contact with the information about your removal and from which event(s). All cases are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please note, we take issues of consent and privacy very seriously and will prioritize survivors. Intentionally hiding your identity (including using a different name) in order to gain admission in the case of previous consent or privacy violations or bans from other groups will result in immediate removal and future prevention of attendance.
  • Think Between the Lines is a very liberal organization and will, as such, only call for police or emergency services when all other outlets for resolution have been tried. Think Between the Lines is especially conscious of the populations it serves and recognizes the disconnect between those populations and much of the world’s law enforcement personnel. We will absolutely prioritize marginalized people and their safety from law enforcement wherever possible by engaging in transformative justice and harm-reduction strategies first.
  • Terms of Use and Terms of Service of each server (Discord, Zoom, Gather) must be adhered to at all times.

Consent Policy

All people engaged in the conferences or Reading Groups (or other activities) offered by Think Between the Lines must follow the listed consent policy.

Consent is the act of ensuring that all people involved in any activity are given the explicit opportunity to give their, “okay,” while being able to comprehend what is going on and enthusiastically choose to engage. Consent is clearly and freely given/asked for. Consent may be withdrawn at any time for any reason.

Presenters must ask for consent and practice good consent and negotiation practices

This consent policy applies to all people even those who have pre-existing agreements within their relationship(s)

Consent cannot happen in the following conditions:
  • Between people wherein at least one party is of legal age (18+) and at least one party is a minor (17 or younger). This is specifically relevant for sexual or physical activity; this is not specific to generalized communication.
  • When people are actively intoxicated
  • When people are legally unable to consent for themselves, either permanently or temporarily
  • When people have been coerced or harassed into a situation
Think Between the Lines differentiates between consent accidents and violations

Consent accidents occur when someone unintentionally acts, accidentally or through ambiguous communication/miscommunication, or because of an honest misunderstanding, or through the unintentional failure to communicate and/or negotiate an interaction or boundary. Consent accidents do not “feel good” but they are not inherently violations; however, repeated accidents may be considered violations.

Consent violations occur when someone intentionally chooses to act, or intentionally ignores, or intentionally does something beyond a person’s stated or negotiated boundaries or who creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment that makes consent not possible. Intentionally not asking for consent is an automatic violation. Violations of consent can be committed by any person regardless of their role or relationship. Consent violations are automatic when engaging with someone in a situation aforementioned as when consent cannot happen or in situations where someone is incapable of giving knowing, explicit, and voluntary consent.

Think Between the Lines takes consent very seriously. All reports will be investigated fully. Those who violate consent during any event through Think Between the Lines may be removed from the event (without refund where applicable). Violations may also result in prevention from attending future events. While it is rare, intentionally false reports may also result in ejection or prevention of Think Between the Lines events.

If you experience, or witness, something you believe to be a consent violation or consent accident, please contact the consent team of the conference, or if you would prefer you can email or utilize the specific conference’s organizer email.

Negotiation as a part of Consent

Negotiations can be as simple as asking to Direct Message someone on Discord, to asking for explicit permission for various kinds of touch; and everything in between. When negotiating with someone, it may be helpful (but is not required in all situations) to include some or all of the following:
  • The relative experience of the people involved
  • Any expectations of what activities are included/involved with the negotiation and/or where it will lead
  • The length of time that the negotiation is valid for
  • How or what a change in consent looks/sounds like
  • The aftercare needs of everyone involved

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