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Erotic Choking

Erotic poses, positions, and your hands are all very useful in creating the overall sexual experience that you will come to love and need in a blissful relationship. You will have to create some type of signal that both you and your partner will know clearly that it means to stop, but with this trust that stop means stop - you can have great intense pleasure when experiencing both choking and fucking at the same time.
What you can use to choke another when fucking them
You can use a nylon stocking tied only tight enough to be around his or her neck, where they can control the knot and how tight the nylon gets and where you can cut for a quick release.
You can use a belt or a long lock to tie about his or her throat for an over whelming new choking feeling where their throat is halfway blocked by the force of this knot. Without making the know any tighter fucking her or him up the ass with force but where they are going to be unable to move because of this tight around their neck is going to arouse them quickly to new heights.
Stuffing something in her or is mouth after their arms have been tied above their heads is going to be a turn on that is not as dangerous as the ropes and belts tight about the neck. Stuffing a sock, a huge piece of apple, a wade of anything in to their mouth so they can't scream as you fuck them so hard that you explode in just minutes even if they are not wet enough is going to turn you on. As you thrust your dick in to a cunt that is not yet wet it will become wet because of this erotic torture and you will feel every muscle contract as they try to push your dick back out with these muscles. This person that is fucked will still be able to breathe threw their nose so you can fuck for longer periods of time, over and over again if you like.
Using your hands and you sit on top of her, shove your hands about her necking grabbing at her throat as you see she is about to cum. When you enhance her sexual orgasm with a few seconds of not being able to breathe entirely correct you are going to find yourself turn on as well. Be sure to be on the look out for the signal where she can't take this choking pressure any more, fucking her cunt as hard as you want, or as hard as you can with your big dick while you are choking her is one of the most common forms of erotic pleasures involving torture.
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