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What Are We Doing?

So we are a BDSM group for people between the ages of 18-30.

 This first question that comes up is always why? 

ME-TNG sees ourselves as a sanctuary for younger people interested in or are into the BDSM lifestyle.  A place where one can become comfortable with themselves and who they are.  It's sometimes scary to go to other BDSM organizations. Some people our age can have issues about talking to people old enough to be their parents. We see ourselves as a stepping stone for you. To make the transition easier into the BDSM lifestyle.  

We don't have all the answers.  We will never claim to. What we can do is if we don't have the answers point you in a direction to someone who does. We work closely we all the BDSM/leather groups in Maine as well some of the Boston groups as well. We go to those that have experience.   Granted this means going to our 'elders' of the community, but knowledge is strength.  

We also are here to have fun because that's what it's all about! 

Here We will be putting up articles written by our members.  Articles on experiences, education and just plain silly stuff.  This is where you get to shine and be open! 

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