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Who Are We?

Joshua (Mr. Joshua)- Joshua is a 24 year old Dominant male who has been involved in the scene for 2
years. First introduced to the Maine scene at the now defunct Zootz (which hosted a gothic/industrial/fetish nights on Mondays) Joshua currently works hard to help maintain the scene for 'Requiem' nights at the Underground (still on Monday nights). His furniture creations help to make the venue more conducive to play. (Currently all the standard equipment is of his own manufacture and more work is on the way!) He is a respected player amongst the Maine BDSM scene and has worked with Harbormasters, CMA, CUFSmaine, NELA, and Boston TNG. 

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Dawne (Luna)- Luna is a 28 year old submissive and has been involved in the scene since she was 19. She was trained by a veteran submissive when she was 22 and hasn't looked back since. During her one year tour of duty on the CUFSmaine committee Luna has worked very closely with several BDSM groups throughout Maine and New England such as CMA, Harbormasters, Kindred, MOB, Boston Dungeon Society NELA and TES. She is an advocate for Safe Public Sceneing, submissive safety and mentoring programs and has helped in make Monday night  'Requiem' at the Underground  a fun and safe venue for public play.  Recently  Luna took 2nd runner up in the Ms. Boston Leather competition and has been on the TNG discussion panels  for both TES30 and BR2001.  

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